These are times of change,

whether we want it or not. As a species, humanity is facing some enormous challenges in the near future: rising energy demand in the face of climate change, depletion of natural resources and the end of economic growth.

Some prefer to deny that these challenges exist, or they don't believe in their urgency. Others feel that trouble lies ahead but they are simply too pre-occupied with their daily lives that they don't make the time (or don't have the luxury to make the time) to process the facts and the trends, to understand what is going to happen in the next two decades and to internalize what it means, for the world we live in but also for your personal situation, your friends and your family. Remember the famous Five Stages of Processing Bad News (by Kübler-Ross): Denial - Anger - Bargaining - Depression - Acceptance.

Where are you in this process when it comes to Climate Change, after understanding its urgency and the real impact it will have on you (by watching this 12 minute video that I made). Lots of us are still in either Denial ("it's not true"), Anger ("it's a socialist conspiracy") or Bargaining ("surely it's not as bad as you say it is"). 

With Beyond2030 I am trying to raise awareness of these issues, to show the facts and to demonstrate what are the logical consequences of the current trends for the near future. We need to move through the stage of Depression ("we are doomed" - resulting in inaction), on to the final stage of Acceptance - where we can put our hands and our minds together and fix this thing, because we can fix this!

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